Rick Bailey, Commissioner Precinct 1
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CR1109A Low Water Crossing
CR1205 Low Water Crossing
Precinct 1 Progress
I take pride in our work and what we do for the citizens of Johnson County. 

We run for the precinct seat, but when we all come together we represent the county. I’m as equally concerned about the other precincts and their people. Just knowing I’m here to make a difference is gratifying.

If you have any comments, concerns or would like more information, please email me: 
Unemployment rate is down to 7% from 9%.


Chisholm Trail Parkway

116 miles of Johnson County road refurbished

5 major low water crossings replaced
CR907 Low Water Crossing
Johnson County Wildfires
Right of Way easements received to build a safer bridge. 
Completed 12/2011
Total price approximately $161,000.
Elevating low water crossings to protect lives; constructing at a manageable cost.
Completed 10/2011 by Precinct Crew. 
After receiving granted easements from landowners, an emergency only access road in Fisherman’s Paradise has been completed and one in Hills of Home is in the works.